Picks for Six

After Week Six is generally when you start to get an idea for who the haves and have-nots are. Teams like Kansas City, Detroit, Houston and Cincinnati are already starting to prepare for the 2009 Draft. While the undefeated Giants and Titans will look to stave off epic collapses and should make the playoffs.

But then there are the teams stuck in the middle and there are plenty of them. Here are five teams with two or more losses that bear watching in the coming weeks.

The Miami Dolphins (2-2)
You have to be impressed with the way they took down the Pats and Chargers. That wildcat offense continues to work for them. Maybe I was wrong about the Big Tuna. You can teach an old dog new tricks, just as long as he’s pulling somebody else’s strings.

The Indianapolis Colts (2-2)
This is a make or break time for Peyton’s crew. They’ve certainly looked lackluster over the first few weeks of the season, and they just barely avoided falling to 1-3 in a very tough division. Still, Sage Rosenfels granted them a stay of execution with his high-flying, constantly fumbling ability. Is that enough to help them get back up off the mat?

The Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3)
Playing in the same division as Indianapolis, it appears one of these perennial playoff teams may miss the boat this season with Tennessee playing so well. The Jags hold an early advantage, having beaten the Colts in Indy already. They’ve also shown flashes, but they’ll have to recover quickly from a letdown home loss to a weakened Steelers team.

The Minnesota Vikings (2-3)
Despite some serious issues on offense including two bad quarterbacks, the lack of a home-run threat at wide receiver and chronic misuse of Adrian Peterson, the Vikes are still 2-3 and right in the thick of things in the NFC North. Questions remain though. Can Gus Frerotte lead a team into the playoffs? Can he avoid ramming his head into something as unforgiving as an end zone wall or field goal post in the process? Can AP overcome the constant placement of nine men in the box by opposing defenses? Stay tuned.

The San Diego Chargers (2-3)
Easily the best under .500 team in football, The Bolts should be at least 3-2 if not for Ed “I left my glasses at the gym…look at my guns” Hochuli. Add in a last-possible-second miracle touchdown by Carolina, and San Diego could just as easily be 4-1. This team is good. Phillip Rivers is good, and LT is LT.

On to this week’s picks:
Vikings over Lions
Should be a big week for Peterson against this awful bunch.
Bears over Falcons
The Falcons would’ve been happy with three wins all year. They’re the surprise of the NFL.
Saints over Raiders
Good Luck, Tom Cable.
Bengals over Jets
They were so close last week, eventually they’ve got to get that elusive first W.
Dolphins over Texans
Let’s see what Mario Williams thinks of the Wildcat.
Buccaneers over Panthers
Game of the week potential. I just don’t think the Panthers are as good as their record.
Ravens over Colts
I have more faith in Joe Flacco than I do in the Colts defense.
Redskins over Rams
Shouldn’t even be close.
Broncos over Jaguars
It’s all about the home team, especially when the Jags play in the cold.
Cowboys over Cardinals
I almost picked Arizona, but then I remembered what Brett Favre did to the Cards.
Eagles over 49ers
Though they’re good, the Eagles need to pick it up soon to avoid being the team left out in the NFC East. Again.
Packers over Seahawks
Mike Holmgren’s farewell isn’t going exactly as planned.
Chargers over Patriots
Originally thought to be Rivers v. Brady II…Rivers v. Cassel doesn’t have the same ring
Giants over Browns
THIS is a Monday Night game???

Last Week 8-6
Season 44-30

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