Palling around with terrorists?

Obama not qualified for president, McCain much more experienced

By Clay Coffman |

Becoming president of the United States is easy.

For example, all it takes are two requirements: Be a community organizer and serve in the Senate for four years. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But ask Barack Obama, because that’s what he’s done.

That’s as much experience as I have knitting. Why would the Democrats put this young politician on the ballot?

In my opinion, they are desperate and cannot fathom losing another election. However, the flip-side to Obama’s lack of on-the-job experience is simple: John McCain.

McCain has embodied the service of an American. He has served as a Navy captain, a prisoner of war in Vietnam and a Senator since 1986. That’s a “helluva” lot better than a community organizer and a first-term senator.

Yet, after 18 months of campaigning, people are still looking for reasons to vote. As a matter of fact, Obama has spent nearly half of his Senate tenure running for president. Shouldn’t a public figure do a little more before trying to gain access in the White House?

Americans don’t need to look any farther than the experience John McCain has gained in the last 20 years. Not only has he forwarded legislation, like the McCain-Feingold Act, but he has been a part of numerous governmental agencies including the Senate Commerce Committee. That, undoubtedly, holds more weight than Obama’s involvment.

McCain’s judgment is another solid reason he should be elected.

Meet some of Barack Obama’s friends: William Ayers, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. According to, Ayers’ was the leader of a domestic terrorist group known as “Weatherman.” Farrakhan, in February 1996, during a “Savior’s Day” speech in Chicago, spewed such statements as “white devils” and Jewish “bloodsuckers.” Sounds to me like ‘ole Louis is a little bit racist.

Finally, there’s Reverend Wright. Obama was a part of his congregation for 20 years. He’s the pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

According to, Wright believes that the government created the AIDS virus. How can one man associate with these types of people?

McCain hasn’t caused a stir with any of his friends. In fact, some of McCain’s best friends are from the other side of the aisle: Tom Daschle and Teddy Kennedy. Joe Biden even said that he would be “honored” to run alongside McCain. Those are friends you keep. There wasn’t any lack of judgment in those decisions.

The election process over the last 18 months has been hyped beyond belief.

In my opinion, Obama’s rise to fame has been remarkable, but his experience and judgment are lacking greatly. Which is quite the opposite when it comes to McCain.

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