Candidate B

War/Foreign Policy
This candidate strongly believes that when Iraq is capable of both governing itself, as well as protecting the people living there, is when the U.S. troops should come home.

He says in order to avoid an even more expensive war, it is important to ensure the stability of the state of Iraq and seeing that it is not left vulnerable to terrorists. By leaving a small “strike force” in Iraq, he says we would be making a poor strategic choice.

According to his Web site he said, “I do not want to keep our troops in Iraq a minute longer than necessary to secure our interests there.”

In order to secure our interests, he plans to stabilize the Iraqi economy, by employing Iraqis in infrastructure plans and other basic services.

One of the biggest issues in our country is ever-increasing gas prices. He has a HOME plan, which will prevent up to 400,000 families from losing their homes to foreclosure.

He plans to revise and balance his budget by the end of his first term in order to “regain the trust of the taxpayers” in this country.

He has proposed low individual tax rates, minimizing mandates, as well as reducing federal borrowing.
He also plans on cutting the tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent.

Health Care
In order to make health care more affordable for the American people, this candidate proposes that prices of medications be lowered. He also plans to introduce more generic drugs that will be brought to the shelves sooner than the current rate at which they are.

As for Medicaid and Medicare, he plans to work on a better compensation plan that will repay these companies for their services.

His agenda also includes the reformation of health care as a whole, which will allow families who previously could not afford it, to figure out a feasible plan of coverage. In addition, he plans to make health care portable from job to job.

To conserve energy, as well as make use of it in other ways, he plans to construct 45 new nuclear power plants by the year 2030. This candidate believes in remaining independent from other countries as our suppliers, by making use of our own resources here in America. He wants to commit scientific research as well as government funding to the use of coal as a source of energy. By using coal for energy, we would be employing many Americans who are currently without jobs.

He also wants to make use of the oil and gas reserves we have in our country to minimize the dependency on other countries to those we currently export.

The education system in America has been described as “deplorable” and one of this candidate’s many motivations are to change this reputation. He plans to continue working with the values of the No Child Left Behind plan, while speeding up the process in order to ensure the progress of children in schools across America. A major issue he will work on is giving parents the ability to change their child’s school by their own choice. He believes this change will increase the number of children who pass and graduate from school, and decrease the number of children who fail school.

Homeland Security
In order to ensure the safety of this country, this candidate recognizes that he needs a strong federal management team in his administration. With the help of allying countries who support us, he plans to find and disrupt terrorist programs that pose threats to our country. His plans also include the sharing of information between the federal government and the state and local governments. Increased border control is also on this candidate’s agenda in order to fully secure this country. He also says in the event of a disaster, whether it is natural or a terrorist attack, there will be a unified plan to react immediately.

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