Friday Art Walk shows local culture

The Gallery at Screen Arts on West King is one of several local art galleries to keep its doors open late during the First Friday Art Walk every month.

St. Augustine First Friday Art Walk displays local and student artwork

By Matthew Boyle |

The everyday life of a college student gets monotonous after a while. From mind-numbing classes to excruciatingly boring homework, students deserve a break and peace of mind, if only for one day a month.

Art Galleries of St. Augustine gives that day to students as well as to all other members of the St. Augustine community.

They sponsor the First Friday Art Walk, an event rich in culture, originality and enthusiasm for art in its many forms.

Regular participants in the monthly event include Butterfield Garage Art Gallery, The Pegasus Gallery, Energy Lab Gallery, Rembrantz Fine Gifts, The Gallery at Screen Arts, Rachel Thompson Gallery, Classic Blends, Flagler College’s Crisp-Ellert Art Museum and many others, each featuring new and distinct exhibits.

Most galleries stay open later and offer visitors free food, drink and a chance to discuss local art in a vibrant atmosphere while local bands jam outside all along the walk route.


The next Friday Art Walk will be Friday, Oct. 3 from 5 to 9 p.m., and gallery owners are excited to display their featured art and mingle with the public.

“We have a group show with three artists,” said Rob DePiazza of Screen Arts.

Gabriel Shaffer of Ashville, N.C., Jesse Reno of Portland, Ore., and Thinkmule of Golden, Colo., will each be showcasing their work at The Gallery at Screen Arts.

“They all have pretty unique styles,” DePiazza said. “They’re all friends. They’re all individual, original and new pieces.”

For more information on Shaffer, Reno, Thinkmule or Screen Arts, contact their staff at (904) 829-2838 or by stopping in at 228 W. King St.

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery’s display will be geared toward breast cancer awareness and fund raising.

The display will be a collaboration of many local artists, including Sydney McKenna.

McKenna’s mother, Marjorie Brown, is a breast cancer survivor and will be presenting her new autobiography.

“One hundred percent of the proceeds from book sales will go to breast cancer,” said McKenna.

Much of the proceeds from the rest of the exhibit will benefit breast cancer awareness and research.

McKenna and Brown will also conduct a silent auction of one of their collaborative paintings.

All proceeds from the silent auction of the painting will also be donated to the breast cancer cause.

For more information on McKenna, Brown or Butterfield Garage’s display, contact the gallery at (904) 825-4577 or by stopping in at 137 King St.

New events are also in the works for upcoming Art Walks.

The newly formed Art District at San Sebastian ­— including over 15 galleries, studio workshops and businesses ­— is currently planning block parties and other fun things to make the Friday Art Walk even more exciting.

During the hours of the Art Walk, the specially-marked Red Train gives visitors complimentary rides along the Walk route.


It loops between Catch 22 Gallery, 5 Cordova St., and the San Sebastian Winery, making stops at the downtown Art Galleries so visitors don’t have to walk or re-park.

The train completes its loop every 30 minutes from 6 to 9 p.m. while the tour guide offers exhibit information and points out the galleries.

Most participating businesses provide visitors with Art Walk maps, detailing gallery locations and hot spots.

For more information about St. Augustine’s galleries and the First Friday Art Walk, visit

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