Can I call an Audible?

Last week I penned, or I guess typed, in this instance, a blog in which I picked the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl and claimed that no one should doubt Tom Brady. What I meant to say was: no one should doubt Tom Brady unless a linebacker rolls over his knee tearing his ACL and MCL.

It’s hard for me to cry over Brady’s injury after spending all of last season wishing that he would just go away. Now that he has, I think it’s time for some new teams to make some noise in the crowded AFC.

Obviously Brady’s injury would change the scope of my predictions, but it would be unfair for me to go back and change them after one week. Just know that things just got a whole lot brighter for the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. How’s a Super Bowl XXX rematch sound? Winner gets their sixth Lombardi trophy.

Brady’s injury was unarguably the biggest story coming out of week one, but the golden boy wasn’t the only story. These are my hot routes:

What happened to the Colts?
Getting pummeled by the bearded one Kyle Orton and Bears? Certainly not the way they wanted to open their new stadium. Here’s hoping Peyton doesn’t take too long shaking off the rust.

Down to the wire
Maybe it’s because it’s been so long, but I can’t remember a week with so many last second drives. As coverage ended of the local games in the area, I was treated to the end of the Dolphins and Jets, where Chad Pennington made his best effort to make the Jets look like fools, only to be outdone by a fantastic end zone interception by Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis to seal the Jets victory. Then the Bucs and Jeff Garcia driving down the field in a late comeback only to see their hopes dashed by Saints linebacker Scott Fujita. And finally a comeback that delivers. The Carolina Panthers drive down on AFC favorite San Diego and deliver a literal buzzer-beating, game-winning touchdown. Just one question: Why’d they have to kick the extra point?

Tony Romo does it all
I could probably gush for hours about the thumping the Cowboys put on Cleveland on Sunday, but I came across a story that beats that hand over fist. After Sunday’s victory, and the plane ride from Cleveland to Dallas, Romo was driving home along a Dallas highway and saw a couple stranded with a flat tire.

Romo had just been through the ringer in Cleveland and taken 13 stitches in the chin after a shot to the mouth. But he stopped and helped the stranded couple and afterward didn’t even look for credit. The only reason anyone knew was the couple contacted Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who wrote this piece. You’re a better person than I, Tony Romo.

VY flies the coop
What’s up with Vince Young? One second he’s on top of the world, the next big thing and seemingly the next he’s talking about retiring, moping on the sidelines, going missing for four hours and his family is questioning his commitment to the game. Tennessee has a real problem on their hands and they need to get it fixed ASAP before he becomes estranged like Michael Vick.

Week 2 picks

Green Bay over Detroit
Aaron Rodgers looked pretty good on Monday.
Oakland over Kansas City
For all the problems the Raiders have, Russell and McFadden can win a few games.
New York Giants over St. Louis
It’s going to be a long season in St. Lou.
Colts over Vikings
Peyton and Co. can’t afford to fall to 0-2.
Cincinnati over Tennessee
With the Ocho Cinco on his back, expect big things out of Chad.
New Orleans over Washington
Is this the year Reggie Bush fulfills that promise?
Carolina over Chicago
Two teams that were thoroughly impressive in week one. I just don’t trust Orton.
Jacksonville over Buffalo
The Jags save their home losses for the Colts.
Seattle over San Francisco
Seattle is in trouble without an offense to speak of. The ‘Niners are just bad.
Tampa Bay over Atlanta
Do it against a real team and we’ll talk, Michael Turner and Matt Ryan.
Jets over Patriots
Why must everything always fall in to place for Favre??????
Arizona over Miami
I believe in Kurt Warner.
San Diego over Denver
Don’t be fooled, The Gators could beat the Raiders by 50.
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Did anyone notice that Ken Dorsey was holding the backup clipboard, not Brady Quinn?
Houston over Baltimore
Don’t expect Texans to be sporting “I like Ike” pins anytime soon.
Dallas over Philadelphia
This could honestly go wither way, but I see home field playing a big role for the Boys.

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