Child Development Society

The Child Development Society (CDS) is an organization interested in working for the cause of children. Over 60 percent of the population in Nepal is under the poverty line. One of the many things CDS does is provide free non-formal education for those children suffering from poverty. After hearing about the school, my mother, sister, brother and I decided to take a trip.

The president of CDS, Sharad Sharma, took us to visit the school one afternoon. Mr. Sharma told us that many of the kids attending the school are children of carpenters and families earning minimum pay. To help out their families, kids often bring work to do at school during free time. If you ask any of the kids, they love the school and even come when they are sick! Along with education, kids receive a free lunch each day. Doctors also voluntarily visit regularly to check up on the kids’ health.

The building includes a day care for the younger kids.

We got to peek in a few of the classrooms and talk with some of the students. Each and every one of them was so sweet, very polite and always smiling. We sat in for a few minutes and watched them learn the English alphabet. Teachers told us that most kids go home and teach their parents what they learned at school!

Older kids can receive training for learning skills that can be useful for finding employment. We got to visit two students who were practicing embroidery on traditional Nepalese clothing such as saris. The work that these students had done was very impressive!

Students that have graduated high school still come to the school to hang out, study and spend time with friends.

The overall visit to the school was very touching for us, especially for my sister and I. It’s so easy to take what you have for granted. Talking with parents of the young children and with some of the older students, you realize that CDS has made an incredible impact in each and every student. CDS is an amazing organization that gives kids in Nepal an opportunity they will never forget.

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