Party like a rock star

Each year, GMA hosts a variety of staff events throughout the year. Apparently the summer event is one of the most anticipated of the yearly events; everyone leaves the office early and goes to a party that is organized by an “events team” somewhere in the city. Alexis and Megan were both on the events team, so we knew this party was going to be a ton of fun…in fact, all anyone talked about the entire week before the event was the party.

This year the event was themed “Party Like a Rock Star.” If you wanted to dress up like a rock star or wear a concert t-shirt you were encouraged to do so. Everyone else changed into summer clothes. My office is really relaxed and a ton of fun, so many of the people showed their wild side by dressing up—division VPs dressed up with wigs, fake tattoos and ripped t-shirts…it was hilarious!

The closest metro to Local 16 is about six blocks away. In all of my travels around D.C. I hadn’t taken a city bus. I rode in a bus that goes to Mt. Vernon, but apparently city busses are completely different. Thankfully I was with people from work who knew the bus schedule—something I’m convinced that even if I lived here permanently I’d never quite understand. Jonathan loaded us all onto the bus, and together the industry affairs staff headed over to the party.

I should probably preface by saying that we rented out Local 16, a club near DuPont Circle, in D.C. The 120 GMA employees were the only people there.

The roof deck had been decorated with inflatable guitars, Ray Ban knock-off sun glasses, spiked bracelets—everything we needed to “Party Like a Rock Star.” A trivia expert was brought in and the staff was divided up into trivia teams based on our backstage passes—I had Bon Jovi. Not too shabby; I know my mom would be so jealous if the passes were real.

My team certainly held our own, but we were beat out by Tina Turner’s team. Inside people competed against each other on guitar hero and got fake glitter tattoos. Jessica and I not only have the same name but we also sit next to each other at work and decided we had to get matching hibiscus flowers on our ankles.

Everyone wandered around, talked and ate the afternoon away at our summer event. It was a blast.

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