New Indie Film club in the works

By Kyle Myers-Haugh |

The establishment of an independent film club rests on the shoulders of an eclectic group of five students.

The Independent Film Society hopes to be Flagler College’s first club devoted entirely to the screening of independent and foreign films. Flagler freshman and IFS founder, Dane Hutchinson, as well as four others, came up with the idea.

“It [IFS] didn’t come to me when I was sitting there on the picnic table,” he said. “It’s been ruminating in my mind ever since I’ve come to St. Augustine. There is no outlet or venue for foreign or independent films. You can see movies here, but they’re the tired, generic, mainstream kind. We want to show the stuff that’s off the radar. Most people haven’t even heard of these films.”

Hutchinson and others have since had to compose a list of potential club members’ signatures, draft a new constitution, and participate in several meeting with various faculty, in order to gain “official” club status.

“The club is still not yet official, and the process to becoming an official club can be summed up into two words-Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie,” said sophomore and Supreme Chancellor of the IFS, Gabe Labbe. “It is not necessarily how original your concept for a club is, it’s how well you can navigate the channels of Flagler College, specifically … SGA.”

Hutchinson and Labbe say the success of the IFS will lay in its selection of unique and little-known films.

“We hope to receive approval soon, and be up and running within the next few weeks,” Hutchinson said.

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