A session with Jason Picallos

Jason is one of the coolest people on the planet. You can surf with him, work out, talk about low-budget films and hit up a dance club all in one day! Jason surfs very well, and is all about style. He is not hard to miss with his brightly colored surfboards and his forehand snaps. If you do not know Jason, get to know him, because he is a film student who will be famous one day. Jason has been known to cut a rug.
Major: Film Communication
Year: Sophomore
Age: 21
Born: Ibiza, Spain
Homebreak: Ponce Inlet
Travels: Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, France, Morocco, Puerto Rico
Music: The Knife, Turn Two, Dirty South, Beanie Segal
Influences: Friends and Family
Quote: “No, it’s ok…we’ll just get a cup!” — Dan Greene

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