Local band rocks St. Augustine

By Owain Johnston-Barnes | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler student and musician Zac Jaggers wants to change the world with his music, but for now he’s happy just having people hear him play.

Jaggers and fellow musician Ian Jones make up the band Clown Car Commute, and they have begun to make a name for themselves locally with several live shows.

The pair rehearse upstairs in Jones’ home ­­— Jones on drums and Jaggers on bass, guitar, vocals and, on one song, laser gun.

The band’s original songs bounce between the distortion-heavy rock of early Smashing Pumpkins to the delicate, psychadelic experimentation of more recent Radiohead, both of which the band cites as inspirations.

“Playing punk, we’ve had the cops called on us,” Jones said. “But we’ve had plenty of compliments too.”
Jones, who has been playing music since the second grade, said Radiohead’s “Knives Out” changed his entire outlook on music.

The band hopes to gain a fan base through both its live performances and its MySpace page, which features several of their original songs and an upcoming event calendar.

You can see Clown Car Commute live at the Flagler College Battle of the Bands by the parking garage on April 5 or at MuFest on the Flagler College West Lawn on April 3.

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