Music: An athletic energy boost

By Ben McLeod |

Let’s put it this way: Phil Collins is the man. No song gets me psyched for a surf session more than “In the Air Tonight.”

This song is five minutes of bliss because of Phil’s soothing, yet haunting vocals. And yes, you are right, it was in the Tom Cruise movie, “Risky Business.” Is the train scene ringing a bell?

The slow drum machine and ’80s-style guitar makes the song unique, but the best part is the climax. Right when those drums kick in, I say to myself, “This song is dope. I’m going surfing!”

No matter what your sport is, we all have those songs that pump us up. Music has a way of making us feel invincible, and any pump-up jam will do the trick.

Why take steroids or energy drinks before a game when all you have to do is put your iPod headphones on? It doesn’t matter if it is Kanye West or Kenny G; if it works, it works.

Think about every football, baseball or soccer game you have ever been to. Music is played all throughout the games to keep spirits high and to excite the players.

For us, our game is surfing. When we need to get pumped, we listen to our favorite songs before we paddle out.

Your favorite song, artist or style of music will get you energized no matter what. So, before your next game, workout, test or surf session, listen to a pump-up song.

I would recommend the Phil Collins song. It works for me.

Oh, by the way, I’m the new Surf editor…we’re gonna have fun.

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