Dreaming of a real spring break

By Julie Hirshan | gargoyle@flagler.edu

“I could really use a vacation!”

That’s a phrase heard quite often this time of year. Most students go through classes all winter, with the hope of spring vacation as their guiding light and something to look forward to.

But not students at Flagler College.

We work hard, and the only thing we have to show for it is a four-day weekend in March. That’s only two days of canceled classes, which is barely enough time to do anything.

By the time you have spent a day traveling to where you are going, you have two days to try and relax before you have to hurry back to classes the following Monday.

If you’re driving, it seems like you spend more time on the road than you do at your destination. Flying is no better because you worry about your flight being delayed and missing the test your teacher just had to schedule for the Monday after “break.” So why bother to go at all?

So in my third year at Flagler, I have finally come to terms with our vacation schedule, or lack thereof.
I’ve resigned myself to going to the beach on my days off class.

My sisters, on the other hand, had to rub in the fact that their break is longer than ours.

Not only do they have spring break in April while going on vacations with my parents to places like the Bahamas and Mexico, but they also have a winter week-long vacation in February!

To top it off, they have selected St. Augustine as their destination this year. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see them, but they will get to lay out in the sun while I’m in class.

And it’s not just spring vacation. We only have two days off from classes during each semester. We don’t even get off for national holidays.

It’s really hard to stay in classes for seven weeks straight without a break.

But then, I look on the bright side. We finish our semester in April, and do not go back until very late August or even September.

That’s four months of doing whatever we want. We can travel, have an internship, or just relax and do nothing.

Those four months make it all worth it. And if you get really bored and cannot find anything to do with yourself, there’s always summer school.

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