DOW event gives back to troops in Iraq

By Jennifer Swift |

Last semester, “Tailgate for the Troops” became the DOW Advantage Public Relations Group’s most successful fund-raiser to date, raising $500 to benefit U.S. troops stationed overseas.

The money raised was first intended to help finance a Super Bowl party for troops in Kuwait, until the group’s contact in Kuwait advised them the money could not be used for its original purpose.

“My contact in Kuwait felt the money would not be used to its full potential there,” Bailey Toombs said. Toombs, a senior at Flagler, originally developed the idea for “Tailgate for the Troops.”

“She knew how hard we’d all worked and wanted to make sure our efforts were put to good use,” Toombs said.

Toombs was put in touch with U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Lyle Roslin.

Stationed in Iraq, Roslin was overseeing the construction of the Liberty Lounge, a place for soldiers to relax and unwind by watching movies, playing games or using the X-Box or Wii.

Using the money collected by the fund-raiser, the DOW group used the to purchase DVDs and video games to fill the shelves of the lounge.

“We felt that we were still keeping the ‘Support the Troops’ spirit by helping to outfit the Liberty Lounge,” Toombs said.

Roslin agreed, relaying his thoughts through an e-mail to Toombs: “I’ll tell you that the Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen truly do appreciate it when their leadership and outside organizations such as yours take an active interest in their morale and welfare.

“The magnitude of your contribution will be measured on the smiling (relaxed) faces of the patrons of the Liberty Lounge.”

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