Ben Joslin wins eating contest

By Jeffrey Mensch |

Eight wieners, one winner, no time limit. Ben Joslin was the first to force down eight hot dogs and buns. He is now Flagler College’s “eating champion” of 2008.

Three tables, a steaming pile of hot dogs and some repulsed faces were lined up on the west lawn for the contest. A few hungry, brave contestants sat down and stuffed their faces with franks, some even adding cheese.

First to finish their pile was crowned as the champion. The fundraiser eating contest was run by Flagler College Sports Management majors and benefited the fifth annual Beach Blast, to be held March 30.

No more than 15 minutes after the initial countdown, Joslin inhaled his last bite and crumpled up his tinfoil. Standing up with a mouthful, he then proceeded to do three push-ups in his moment of victory. “I can eat more,” Joslin said. “I eat a lot for a skinny kid.”

“I don’t know how they did it. They must have felt pretty bad about themselves afterwards,” said spectator Chelsea Glenn.

Along with being crowned as the eating champion, Joslin won a $25 gift card to Shell gas station. Second- and third-place winners received a choice of gift cards as well.

“It was absurd,” freshman Owen Booker said. “I’ve never seen so many wieners in one place.”

For more information on the Beach blast ’08, contact the event director Danielle Baker at

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