Redskins’ Sean Taylor is the latest pro athlete murdered over money

By Brian Vigna |

Sean Taylor, safety for the Washington Redskins, was tragically shot and killed last week, shocking the sports world.

Taylor, 24, died Nov. 27 after being shot while fighting off intruders at his home. Taylor was shot in the upper thigh, and lost a life-threatening amount of blood during the flight to the Ryder Trauma Center of Jackson Memorial Hospital. Taylor passed away from the injury, several hours after the shooting and before ever regaining consciousness.

The shooting has again shown that professional athletes are popular targets for robberies and other thefts.
In this case, one of the four men apprehended in connection to the murder was dating a relative of Taylor.

Another one of the assailants knew Taylor well and had been to his home several times in the weeks preceding the crime to do household chores and to cut Tayor’s lawn.

Police have charged all four men with felony murder, home invasion, and armed robbery.

Taylor was in his fourth NFL season, coming off a pro-bowl selection last season. Taylor led his team in interceptions this season, and was a favorite for a pro-bowl selection again this year.

This past Sunday, Taylor’s family and friends, along with several thousand others, gathered in a Miami church. The public ceremony was held just a few hours after the last of the four defendants was charged in the case.

Taylor’s family arrived in limousines and spoke to the somber crowd about respecting life and the shame that this crime has brought on the community.

Through his attorney, Richard Sharpstein, Taylor’s father relayed his feeling that the arrests are appreciated, however, they did not provide any comfort or relief to the family.

Taylor is the second NFL star to be gunned down in less than a calendar year, and one of a dozen professional athletes to be murdered in recent years.

Taylor leaves behind his 18-month-old daughter and fiancée.

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