Alumni Association reaches out to students

By Kayla Hrynyk |

There are a few words that will guarantee an instant response from almost any college student: free, caffeine, and food.

This semester, the Flagler Alumni Association has begun providing all of the above every Wednesday morning during “The Coffee Break.” As a new weekly ritual, students have been swarming the tables filled with fresh brewed coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts between their 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. classes.

“The Coffee Break” is about more than providing students with a delicious surge of caffeine and sugar to get them through their morning classes.

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Joseph L. Riley said their goals involve “exposing who we are and getting to know the students because once they graduate, we’re the ones that interact with them to keep them involved in the school. We want to show our face and let them know that we’re here.”

Students have responded positively towards “The Coffee Break,” and the number of visitors grows every week along with the number of donuts being ordered. Since the start of the semester, the association has increased their Dunkin’ Donuts order by about five or six dozen.

“I feel that they are trying to get in touch with the students on a personal level in a way that no other organization is trying to accomplish, and I like it,” sophomore Adam Remillard said.

The Alumni Association views the weekly event as a success and plans to continue providing it next semester in hope of increasing faculty-student interaction outside of classes. The only change that Riley foresees is an increase in the number of donuts ordered.

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