What about the fans?

By Lindsey Wiliams | gargoyle@flagler.edu

All of Flagler’s 2,000 plus student body might not have attended the game Thursday night, but it sure felt like it as 200 cheering fans roared for their men’s basketball team against the Florida Gators in Gainesville’s O’Connell Center.

Swallowed by a sea of blue and orange, Flagler fans were scattered throughout the arena, proudly wearing spirited attire. Shirt or no shirt, body paint or no body paint, they came to support.

Clearly, this game was unlike any other game.

It didn’t matter whether we would come away with a victory — we were there, and that is what mattered.

Without a doubt, Flagler College supporters arrived with enthusiasm, not at the chance of winning, but at the chance of playing in a Div. I school setting.

The grand scale to which this event was held — in an arena that could house 20 Flagler gyms — drove fans to shout at the top of their lungs, united against the defending national men’s basketball champs, two years running.
Was it crazy to some Flagler fans? Yes, but exciting nonetheless.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to be at this venue, regardless of the outcome,” sophomore Josh Thompson said. “Flagler Athletics lacks a sense of unity. Gator fans rally together to support their team and we need that. I think they should do this every year.”

Perhaps the experience leads to a desire for Flagler College to reach Div. I status. If not that, the pressure to recreate a sense of community and pride for your school felt that eventful Thursday evening has now risen to the surface.

For the first time, Flagler fans experienced the plague that hits most universities across the nation — blind support for your team from the excitement.

No, we might not have walked away with a victory, but after we lost 97-51, the feeling was simple: What loss? I just came for the party.

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