Recent alumnus takes on world of cinematography

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By Capri Martinez |

Whether shooting commercials for local businesses or filming documentaries, 2007 Flagler College graduate Gareth Cox is making a career out of his passion for cinematography.

Cox, a native of Nottingham, England, says he knew he wanted to pursue a career in TV production since the eighth grade.

“I noticed our school had a closed circuit television network and they would do the news everyday,” Cox said. “I became interested in that just by watching it and I applied for the production side.”

Currently, Cox has been working on a documentary with communication professor Jim Gilmore.

The documentary is about Richard Matthew Kern, a male who was accused of being an accessory to murder in his teenage years.

The documentary, which is based on a book written by Kern, describes his 12 years in the prison system as he is tried and ends when he is granted clemency.

Cox serves as the project’s director of photography, which includes setting up the camera, framing shots and blocking action scenes during reenactments.

“I am basically responsible for the images themselves and how the story is shown visually,” Cox said.

Gilmore says he enjoys working with his former student because he has a great personality.

“Gareth’s very low key,” Gilmore said. “He doesn’t stress out, and nothing freaks him out.”

In his free time, Cox does a lot of freelance work. He often shoots commercials for local businesses.

His most recent work is a 60-second spot for Christian Surfers, a local surf shop here in St. Augustine that is part of a national chain.
Cox teaches cinematography at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville.

Overall, he says he is simply fascinated with light and how it can be used to tell visual stories.

“The beauty that I can gather through a lens drives me,” Cox said.

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