Bigger and better: Young Guns 3 review

By Ryan Brower |

As the third DVD installment for the Quiksilver Young Guns team, this movie certainly stands up to its predecessors. Fast top to bottom surfing, huge airs, and bigger barrels does no justice for the talents of these rising surf phenoms.

Bigger and better is certainly a fair assessment of this movie. It is documentation of some of surfing’s biggest up-and-comers pushing the envelope of what is possible.

This video is more of a compilation of sessions put together, where as the previous two were actually just one documented trip for the youngsters, along with Kelly Slater that it; though they all do get to score G-Land as good as it gets, off-season, which allows for a completely empty lineup.

As with the previous two DVDs Quiksilver asserts itself as having one of the best teams out there. From Clay Marzo to Dane Reynolds, from Ry Craike to Julian Wilson, and from Jeremy Flores to Kelly Slater, all show that they are moving surfing in a very progressive and fast-paced direction. There are even a few scenes (in the bonus section) of the future of girl surfers, Carissa Moore, holding her own and showing that she can compete with the boys, which she has already done in numerous contests.

Though the DVD was not given away (like the previous two) it is worth the purchase if you want to see where surfing is headed and a few of the people who will be taking it there.

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