Player Profile: Glenn Kiture

By Lindsey Williams |

Glenn Kiture, outfielder for the Flagler College baseball team, is much more than a college athlete, let alone baseball player.

When asked what one of the biggest misconceptions of the college athlete is, he said, “That they are pig-headed, full of themselves, that they get special privileges, and are always looking for an easy way out academically.”

One thing people would be shocked to find about the No. 20 star: “Being that my dad owns an auto body shop. I could fix or put together almost any type of car.”

Difficult as it may be for outsiders to separate Kiture from baseball cleats, the diamond or tattered glove, it also proved challenging for the 21-year-old to separate himself from the game.

After much thought, he said that outside of baseball he enjoys “hanging out with friends, spending time with my dad at car shows, and going to school with my mom when she’s teaching.”

If there is one thing to know about Kiture, it is that life beyond the collegiate level seems promising.

Professionally, Kiture envisions himself working his way toward building an elite athletic facility in the states within five years.

Upon graduation, he will have left an imprint on, not just the campus, but on the field.

What legacy does he hope to have left?

“I hope to be remembered as a hard worker — that I stood for everything that a Flagler Baseball player should stand for, such as having a good character, being accountable, and being a great teammate — one willing to help out in any way possible for his teammates,” Kiture said.

With a little more insight, Kiture will hopefully not be considered the typical self-absorbed college athlete who thinks only of the sport while academically skating by.

Rest assured, Kiture stands out as far more than the stereotype. Not to mention, he’s one athlete who is able to fix your car.

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