Major League Baseball gets interesting

By Eric D. Hopkins |

The first series of the 2008 playoffs didn’t turn out the way some Flagler College students were hoping for their hometown teams.

Although the Yankees were the wild card team, New Yorker Sean Hogan, senior, still felt his Bombers were going to be the team to beat. “I feel like this is our year, again, A-Rod has had the best season of his career and you best believe he’ll carry that into the playoffs this year.”

A-Rod didn’t carry his MVP like season into the playoffs with only 1 RBI in his 15 at-bats.

Philadelphia native and junior Kyle Cunningham had high hopes for his Fightin’ Phills. “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Phills in the playoffs, and I’ve always thought all we had to do was get into the playoffs and they could do some serious damage.”

The Phillies really struggled against the Rockies pitchers with their major three in Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins combining with only 7 hits in a total of 34 at-bats.

However senior Clark McCarthy-Miller wears his Boston Red Sox hat with pride after they swept the Los Angeles Angels. “I can’t see any team in baseball beating us,” he said. “We have the best pitching rotation the city of Boston has ever seen.”

McCarthy-Miller along with other Sox fans might be the only ones to follow the remaining of the 2008 playoffs at Flagler College because there haven’t been too many sightings of Rockies or D-Backs fans outside Kenan Hall.

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