Intramural sports big hit on campus

With 18 teams, this year’s intramural softball is more popular than ever

By Eric D. Hopkins |

Intramural Softball is the first intramural sport of the 2008 school year and is one of the more popular sports here at Flagler College.

“The first game of the season really shows who has been practicing during the off season and sets the bar high for who are the teams to beat,” said senior Doug Gillikin warming up on opening night.

This season there are a whopping 18 teams in the league. Even coach Mike Roberson was impressed with how many rosters were submitted.

Each team has to have a minimum of seven men and four women on the field at all times. On the offensive end the order rotates, man-woman to keep things interesting and exciting for all the fans. The league is separated into two different divisions, a Monday-Wednesday division, and a Tuesday-Thursday division.

The champions of last season have graduated and most likely become the stars of their business leagues, which leaves this year’s trophy up in the air for senior captains like Gillikin, Mike Banach and Tony Brasile.

“There’s a ton of talent out there,” senior Dan Scalia said. “Some of these younger teams might be out to prove something. They just better know who they’re messing with.”

At the end of the season the top four teams from the two divisions go on to playoffs. All teams have already played their first game, and from the sound of it, some rivalries have already started to heat up.

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