Fall brings home to many students from the Northeast

By Rachel Yaeger | gargoyle@flagler.edu

“If you are chilly, here take my sweater.” It was this line from Ingrid Michaelson’s song, “The Way I Am” from the new Old Navy commercial that I am sure everyone has heard, that got me thinking about fall.

Seasons affect our moods, and with almost 20 percent of Flagler students from the Northeast, many may be missing autumn.

“It’s like a Yankee Candle,” said Matt Pittaluga, who is from Philly. He went on to describe October and September as, “75 degrees, sunny without humidity, good waves, no tourists and pumpkin pie just tastes better at home.”

It’s as cliché as hay wagon rides, football games, pumpkin patches and apple orchards. Allison Whittle from New York has nostalgia for the fall.

“Jeans and sweaters, rosy cheeks, the Halloween Spooky Walk, hot cider,” Whittle said. “You want to sleep with the windows open. The air is fresh and cool.”

Even Florida resident Krista McAra a senior, says she misses “the pretty colors, but we don’t have that down here.”

Before the snow, black ice and winter jackets is a season for hiking, canoeing and walking outside to witness earthy crimson and yellow leaves in the Northeast.

Fall is a mixture of sweaters and sunshine, vitality and comfort. Even with the Florida warmth wrapped around us, some still yearn for fall.

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