CD Review: Hannah Montana 2

Meet Miley Cyrus

By Alicia Nierenstein |

She may have two names, but she is one girl who rocks. Miley Cyrus, better known as Hannah Montana has a 2-disc cd set for any person who is willing to unleash their inner child and admit their love for the Disney Channel.

Released this summer, each of the cds included in Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus represents a different side of Miley Cyrus. On the pop star side, Hannah sings songs such as “Make Some Noise” which have uplifting messages directed towards anyone with a dream via acoustic guitar. Another track, “Nobody’s Perfect”, is a vivacious song, expressing the importance of never giving up, and it is one of her most popular.

Other songs such as “We Got the Party” and “Rock Star” sound just like some of Aaron Carter’s background music, and are fun and funky tunes to jam out to. “One in a Million” uses the sweet melody of the piano to even out the variation of music on Hannah’s disc.

On the flip side, there is Miley Cyrus as herself singing songs such as “Good and Broken” in a sweeter, and toned down voice. The very beginning of “East Northumberland High” sounds like it came from a song by Sublime which is fine in my book; they are great for inspiration. The next track, “Let’s Dance”, changes the mood from relaxed to upbeat, with a bit of a Spanish beat as well as some hip hop to make it fun to dance to.

“Right Here” and “As I Am” sound like she drew inspiration from Kelly Clarkson, as they are both powerful songs about the type of girl she is, and expresses her independence. The cd hops back to an island-type of jam with “Clear”, and then finishes up smoothly with “I Miss You”, a song filled with enough pop sounding pianos to spark some emotion.

Although the target audience of Hannah Montana is usually a younger crowd of girls, I certainly would argue that this cd has the ability to make even a college student want to sing and dance.

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