Carrera Gallery to host ‘Summer’

By Steffi Shook |

An old photograph is nothing more than a piece of time trapped forever. We may not see anything profound in the eyes of these unknown lives. The whole purpose of capturing that moment may go unnoticed in our view, but this is not the case for Leslie Robison.

Robison is well known at Flagler College where she teaches painting, drawing, and design as an assistant professor of Art. Many have already experienced her talent as a professor, but now students will have a chance to appreciate her artwork.

Robison’s show, “Summer,” will be displayed at the Carrera Gallery starting on Oct. 5.

Starting out by creating small oil paintings based on old photographs she collected, these tiny paintings became “a link between her and these people she never knew.” Trying to figure out the thoughts of the people in the photos helped her to realize what changed and stayed the same over time.

Instead of being kept in their own environment, the figures are transcribed into life-size charcoal drawings. By leaving out the backgrounds of these photos the work becomes more about the people rather than the photographs.

Robison said these charcoal works help her accept the photographed subjects instead of trying to figure them out. She also enjoys the ambiguity of the figures. This can be seen in a drawing of a woman whose expression could be translated as joy or anguish.

The opening reception will last from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The show will run through Oct. 24 at 9 Carrera St.

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