Basketball drama plays out off the court

By Brian Vigna |

NBA basketball is looming — in just a few short weeks the NBA season will begin. In an offseason that pleased Boston fans and brought Blazers fans nothing but worries, excitement was not hard to find.

Kobe Bryant, perennial all-star and league statistical leader, was one of the key players in this year’s off-court drama.

Bryant initially said that he was done in L.A. and that no person or player trade could change his mind.

After making that statement on Steven A. Smith’s ESPN radio show, Bryant backed it by repeatedly claiming he was desperate to go elsewhere.

Then Bryant seemed to disappear from the media spotlight, making no comments on his or the team’s future.

Now Bryant is back on the court and ready to yet again show us why he is the best all around player in the NBA.

With tons of rookie talent and some franchise altering trades, the league shouldn’t be short on exhilaration.

With so much turbulence and uncertainty in the offseason, I for one can’t wait to see what happens.

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