SGA debate continues

By Glenn Judah

The leadership panel of the Student Government Association presented a new constitution to students March 8, but faced mixed reviews.

The purpose of this meeting was to continue to refine the constitution before it is presented to Dean of Student Services Daniel Stewart, but more questions were raised than were answered.

Many students were concerned with how and when freshmen students would become senators. The proposed constitution says incoming freshmen have 10 school days to get 25 signatures before they can be put on a ballot for senator. Some students felt this was not enough time to allow freshmen to show their leadership skills.

“I would hope they would be there for 20 class days,” junior Chris Bacca said during the meeting.

“This is not set in stone,” said SGA President Ellie Baggett. “It’s our working rough draft so we can get your comments. There are a lot of ideas we haven’t thought of or heard argued that we will write down and edit in.”

The next SGA meeting for discussion of the constitution has not been announced, but speeches for upcoming SGA elections are scheduled for March 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Gazebo.

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