Bracket busters anonymous

By Devon Jeffreys

If you’re like me, you were glued to the TV Sunday night as the brackets were filled and March Madness officially began.

You’re also probably searching for the best strategy to win your friend’s brother’s annual NCAA tournament pool. Well you’re in luck because I’ve been thinking about it and I have some fool proof recommendations for you.

First of all, No. 1s never lose in the first round. Just because you hate the Gators, and yes, some people do, does not mean they’re going to lose to Jackson State. It’s not going to happen.

Secondly, It’s OK to skip a class to watch a few of the games. It’s just after midterms for most of us; we need the relaxation. Since Flagler’s idea of a spring break is UF’s idea of a bender, you can take the day off and watch your bracket crumble. Just don’t blame me and don’t miss a test — it won’t be worth it.

Pick at least two 12s over 5s. It happens every year, and customary now. Give me Arkansas and Old Dominion.

Here’s a shocker: Duke could go down in the first round and if they don’t they sure aren’t making it past Pitt. Admittedly, I’m a Blue Devils fan, but Greg Paulus is terrible. The only thing I can take out of this season is I can’t be called a front runner for wearing a Duke hat.

There are two Texas A&M’s in the bracket. One is the Corpus Christi team. DO NOT get these two confused. The Aggies do not play against Wisconsin in the first round, they play Penn. I think you can figure out which one to pick.

There is always a chance that every 11 seed could win. Six seeds are on shaky ground. They were those teams that were close to the bubble, but never actually got there. They haven’t had many must-win games.

Georgetown is for real, but North Carolina is going to the Final Four. It was rough that these two teams were put in the same region because I could have seen them both in the Final Four. Instead, one of them will meet its demise by the Elite Eight.

As my roommate instructed me, don’t fall in love with the Big Ten. It’s a football conference. Yes, Ohio State is good, but are they that good? I’m not so sure.

Kevin Durant and Greg Oden may go No. 1 and 2 in the NBA draft next year, but they aren’t going to be playing the role of Carmello Anthony. You know the basketball player who goes to college for a year, wins a national championship and then jets to the pros for the big bucks? That’s not happening this year. Personally I think if it doesn’t, Oden should stay. That doesn’t mean I think he will.

There is no George Mason this year. It was amazing it took so long for the glass slipper to break last year. Everyone likes a good mid-major story, but I can’t see it this year. Although I think that’s the point — George Mason came from nowhere. Still, we won’t see a mid-major in the Final Four.

So gear up my friends, heed my advice, but not too much because I don’t expect my bracket to make it any further than yours. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s busted already.

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