Flagler Web portal unveiled

My.Flagler.edu one-stop information site for students

By Mark Enkerud

This month, Flagler launched its own Web portal at My.Flagler.edu. The site contains information students need from many of the offices located around campus, like the business office, registrar and financial aid office.

According to Flagler’s Technology Services Network Engineer, William Jackson, Jr., a Web portal is an intranet site page where all information needed is simply on one page or just a few clicks away.

Students will use the portal to register for classes and can also access many academic records and information. For example, a MyRecords page has been set-up with students’ course schedules, transcripts and other information.

The Financial Aid office will be providing a helpful calendar with important dates, reminders and private scholarships on it, said Director of Financial Aid Christopher Haffner.

The portal will be an internal site unique to Flagler College.

“Everything we put on there will be directed towards Flagler Students,” Haffner said.

Students will be able to access the portal after getting their campus PIN from their adviser.

“We have a lot of hopes for the portal,” said Richard Jacobs, director of student accounts.

Students are mostly supportive. “Anytime there is a technical advance that is more time efficient and easier to use, then I support that,” said sophomore Michael Barna.

But some students feel this portal may be a little excessive or confusing.

“I don’t really think it’s necessary since I get plenty of notification anyways, but it would be a nice addition even though it’s not all that crucial,” said sophomore Patrick Miller.

The purpose of the portal is to make it easier for students to get critical information from the college.

The Public Information Office, which oversees the portal, said it will allow www.flagler.edu to be more of a marketing site so the portal can focus on students.

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