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What options do Flagler students have for study abroad?

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There are five faculty-led study aboard trips planned for summer 2007, including Australia, Belize, California, Costa Rica and Italy. These trips cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000, in addition to Flagler College tuition costs, and depending on the amount of credit hours taken for the trip.

There are various options for students to pay for their study abroad trips, including grants and loans available through Financial Aid.
Senior Julie Harvey, who spent her fall 2005 semester abroad through Semester at Sea, received financial aid through Shipboard Education and Stafford Loans after writing required short essays. Harvey said that spending her semester abroad was one of the best things she could do to enhance her education and outlook on life.

“Semester at Sea is the best way to really understand globalization and how we all play a part in each others’ worlds, first or third,” she said.

Typically, study abroad trips last two to three weeks and take place during May and June. Registration times vary for each trip.
While sign-up for the trip to Costa Rica has already passed, it is a good example of what students can expect on most trips — 15 students will take classes at various schools and may earn up to 12 credit hours. The total cost of the trip, including tuition, is $3,200.
Junior Daniel Brady said that he is eager for his first trip to Australia, and that he is already working on preparations.

“I have to make sure I get my passport on time, save enough spending money, and check to make sure that I pack everything I will need,” Brady said.

Interested students should check with the Office of Academic Affairs for information on all of Flagler’s study abroad programs.

Compiled by Ted Regis, Rebecca Shields, Lauryn Thorp and Courtney Stephens.

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