Women’s tennis team rebuilds again

By Summer Bozeman

With its first match closing in, the Flagler women’s tennis team is training hard for what may turn out to be a difficult season with a tough schedule.

“Our schedule is supposed to be a lot tougher this year, but we have a lot to look forward to,” senior Leigh Ann Moss said. Moss says she’s looking forward to facing Rollins again because the Saints are a stronger competitor. Shinn is excited to play Oxford University in March and Appalachian State, because their coach is a former Saint who achieved All-American status while playing for Shinn.

Some coaches might consider it a weakness that freshmen make up the bulk of the team, but not Shinn. “Every year has to be a building year,” Shinn said, “but I’ve had a building year and won the National Championship.” He hasn’t made his final decision as to his top six players, but he’s confident that freshman Chelsi de Cuba can handle the No. 1 spot. Chelsea Maratta, Femke Thiele, Moss and either Monica Burbelo or Allison Hess, in no particular order, round out the top six.

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