Men’s tennis set to start

By Courtney Stephens

The Flagler College men’s tennis team is ready to serve up a great season. The team has a positive outlook on the upcoming season and is looking forward to competing in NCAA Div. II this year.

Coach Walter Shinn believes that the team is much stronger this year.

“They’re a good bunch of guys,” Shinn said. “There is a lot of leadership and they have been working very hard to improve this year.”

The team lost two players from last year, Andri Jonsson and Svendi Rueff, but Shinn says that Antonio Puente has stepped in after the loss and will be an asset in both doubles and singles. Kyle Maloof has also joined the men’s team this year. Shinn considers Maloof a good player who, although new to the team, has helped everyone else work harder.

Senior Mario Jutronic believes that the group’s chemistry is the best it has ever been.

“People seem to overlook how much a simple thing like that makes a team perform better,” Jutronic said.

Danny Guerreiro, a returning junior, says his motivation is to prove that Flagler belongs in the NCAA. He wants Flagler off to a good start in the new division.

Cody Gordon, another member of the team, agrees that they have the potential for a strong season. Gordon also has an interesting suggestion that he believes would improve their game.

“The attendance of girls at our home matches would be much appreciated,” Gordon said. “I think it would improve the play of the guy’s team at least.”

The men’s season will begin on Feb. 2, at Valdosta State.

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