Here lies your Eulogy

By Carmen Richter

Given that I go to the Southeast Branch of the St. Johns County Public Library for my movie supply, sometimes I end up watching some pretty obscure movies.

I habitually browse the DVD racks until I find something that looks interesting. Usually the first factor that compels me to read the back of the box is the front cover. So, when I saw the picture of an entire family standing in a fishbowl full of water with a couple of goldfish swimming in it and a coffin floating on top, I was prompted to take a closer look at the movie Eulogy.

Eulogy stars Hank Azaria, Zooey Deschanel, Kelly Preston, Ray Romano, Famke Janssen and Rip Torn (just to name a few) and is rated R for language, sexual content, and drug use.

Skeletons emerge from numerous closets and chaos ensues when Edmund Collins, Kate Collins’s beloved grandfather, passes away, forcing all four of his grown children and their families to stay under one roof during the funeral preparations.

There’s Daniel the actor, whose career peaked when he was eight years old. The family claims that he’s also Edmund’s “favorite child.” Then there’s Skip, the too-laid-back father who lets his 11-year-old twins wreak havoc while he mopes about always being forgotten. Next, there’s Alice, the ever-critical and controlling wife and mother who has driven her husband and three young children into silence and submissiveness.

Last, there’s Lucy, the lesbian and “tortured” black sheep of the family, accompanied by her life partner, Judy. Of course, there is also Charlotte, Edmund’s suicidal widow.

With emotions raging and tempers flying, anyone can tell that this is not going to be an easy time. Matters are further complicated and secrets begin to emerge when Kate and Alice run into their old lovers. In the midst of this chaos, Kate has been asked to give the eulogy at her grandfather’s funeral, and is having trouble coming up with the right thing to say.

For an hour and a half of gawking and laughter, pick up Eulogy, “a comedy that puts the fun back in funeral.”

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