Film students’ chance to see other side of business

By Veronica Holt

While some students are watching celebrities parade down the red carpet at Cannes, wishing they could be taking in the flashing lights and different films, a few of Flagler’s own will be there in real life.

Students Max Spangler, Amy Kingsnorth, Paisley Crosby, Dawn Cook and alumnus Chris Miller will be representing Flagler at the Cannes Film Festival Student Program, which runs May 12-28.

The program offers work study programs, internship opportunities, educational workshops and pitch sessions. The festival only accepts about 140 students a year.

Kingsnorth is excited to see a different side to the process.

“I’ll get to see beyond the scenes,” she said. “This will also boost my people skills and challenge me to step out of my comfort zone.”
For these film students, getting an opportunity to see France and the industry that they hope to one day work in is all the incentive they need. Getting the chance to travel to a different country is also a plus.

“I’m anxious to experience a new culture and be put into an environment I’ve never been exposed to,” Crosby said.

Professor Jim Gilmore recommended all of the students for the program. When picking students, Gilmore said he looked for those that “were mature, who would be good representatives for the college, and who are interested in media and cinema.”

His hope is that this experience will help students gain exposure to different people and cultures, in addition to seeing a different side to the film business.

At Cannes, the students will be working or interning for six hours a day.

Spangler said that there are also 300 films screened a day and that some workshops are designed specifically to teach students how to make one-minute pitches to executives.

“The exposure to the different genres and styles and the networking is crucial,” Spangler said.

Although some might take this chance and use it just for fun, wasting the opportunity, Crosby knows that this is a unique opportunity that many never get.

“This is not just a Euro-trip to party with famous people,” Crosby said. “This can be a life-changing career move if that’s what we make it.”

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