Changes in work study

By Julie Harvey

Flagler College work-study students are experiencing a transition from standard payroll checks to FlaglerOne accounts. The college implemented this system in hopes of making the payroll process more efficient and conducive to the student environment.

Work-study students must log onto their FlaglerOne accounts and select how they would like to receive their money — via direct deposit into another account, a physical check or deposit into the FlaglerOne account.

The process is consistent with financial-aid refunds. If a selection is not made, a standard paper check will be provided.

“Like anything else, we are trying to modernize and strengthen our operations,” Assistant Director of Student Accounts Richard Jacobs said. “Rather than sitting here cutting 100 to 150 some checks … we are able to send one single file.”

The money is available in FDIC-insured accounts the same or next day and allows students to have complete control of their money.
Some work-study students, however, are apprehensive of the new payroll system.

“I think it’s going to be more inconvenient for me considering I’m going to have to manage another account that I never use,” communication major Kate Basile said.

This HigherOne service will have its first test run this week and the Flagler administration hopes to have all the bugs worked out by February’s payroll.

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