CD Review: The Who

Endless Wire

By Megan Dassuncao

For anyone that is a true fan of The Who, Endless Wire is a CD that must be bought immediately and played over and over again. The album opens with the classic Who synthesizer sound on “Fragments.” Roger Daltrey’s singing is at its best on this album, which just goes to show that no matter how old a person gets they can still belt it out. Pete Townshend produced the CD and proves that when music is in a person, there is nothing that can stop them from creating it.

Half of the album is new songs and the other half is from a mini-opera called “Wire & Glass” that Townshend made. This section of the album tells a story incorporating many different sounds. Some songs have high energy drumming like in “Sound Round” and then others have softer guitar strumming, like in “Tea & Theatre.”

After listening to this album my appreciation for The Who grew because like most great bands, The Who has grown with their music. They have kept their unmistakable sound, but added a sense of maturity to the music.

Along with the CD there is a live DVD from when they played in Lyon, France, at the Vienne Amphitheatre. There is a surprise at the end of “Mike Post Theme” on this DVD, which will excite any Who fan. I recommend this CD to longtime Who fans and really for anyone who is looking for a CD with brilliant guitar playing and memorable song lyrics.

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