CD Review: John Legend

Once Again

By Lisa Dalrymple

John Legend is certainly on his way to becoming a legend in the ever-evolving R&B genre — the key phrase being “on his way.” He uses a melting pot of classical, pop, and even disco sounds to create a well-rounded sophomore album. However, hardly any of it is particularly innovating within his own style.

Legend’s new album, Once Again, is more subdued, and it works, sometimes. For instance, there’s a very good reason the single “Save Room” is a hit. With its sexy vocals and soft pop sound, this opening number certainly offers promise for the rest of the album. Lyrically, “Stereo” is very interesting, but the song only comes off dazed and confused. “Show Me” and Each Day Gets Better,” two other songs on the passive side, are too long.

However, Legend shows his more elegant side with “Slow Dance,” a classic piano piece that parallels the grace of one of Legend’s first hits “Ordinary People.” “Heaven” combines pop sound with gospel vocals, and “P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)” epitomizes the feeling of being love.

Overall, Legend’s voice certainly redeems all songs, however cliché and boring some of them may sound.

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