CD Review: Borat


By Megan Dassuncao

Soundtracks from movies can sometimes be not what a person expects them to be. The soundtrack to the “culturally eye opening” movie, Borat, is just what someone would want it to be.

The CD opens with the song “Chaje Shukarije” by Esma Redzepova, which is definitely not a usual American hit. The song has a strange gypsy feel to it with Greek influences. Most of the other songs on this CD are not like this, but all of them are culturally diverse.

In between actual songs there are bits from the Borat movie, which is done by the star of “Da Ali G Show,” Sacha Baron Cohen. The movie is about Borat, who comes from Kazakhstan to America to become a star. It seems as if some of the very offensive parts of the movie have ended up on the soundtrack. There is also an interesting rendition of “Born to Be Wild” and a tribute called “O Kazakhstan.”

Most of the songs on the CD are not to be taken seriously, but some of the music is actually pretty decent. Some are in English and others in various languages. People who enjoy the kind of humor that “Borat” has to offer in the theater will probably also enjoy listening to this crazy soundtrack.

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