Student harassment raises security concerns

By Nicole Goyette

Flagler College security is looking into reports of a white male in his mid 20s driving a grey Buick around campus and making unwelcome advances toward female students.

The college sent out an e-mail on Sept. 27 to caution students after security received several reports from female students.

“This is not a stalker,” said Al Howard, director of safety and security. “By definition a stalker focuses his intentions on one individual.” In this case, all four incidents have been reported from four different female individuals.

“This man has unknown intentions trying to pick-up girls in the neighborhood,” Howard said.
The time of the incidents and streets around campus vary. Howard describes this man as possibly in his 20s with an accent and possibly in a grey car.

“Nothing definite,” he said. “We have four different descriptions.”

Security and police have been looking at all areas around campus.

“We are definitely taking this seriously,” Howard said. “If a young lady’s fearful, be more concerned with dialing 911. Don’t stand there and confront.”

The last complaint Howard received from an incident similar to this was two years ago.

“Be with someone else no matter where you are, New York City and here,” Howard recommended.

“This is a safe city, but for your own concern be careful.”

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