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What is the difference between SGA and CAB?

By Brittany Hackett

The social committee of the Student Government Association has been replaced with the Campus Activities Board.

According to Carrie Meyer, director of student activities, the major difference between the two organizations is that SGA’s purpose is to act as a governing body, with CAB planning and organizing campus activities.

“Most campuses across the country have an activities board made up of students who plan and organize the student activities,” Meyer said. “It was created because Student Government Association should focus less on social activities and more on campus governing issues.”

Now that SGA is no longer in charge of planning student activities, it is responsible for four committees: campus concerns, community service, academic, social and publicity.

Students interested in being involved with CAB need to be committee members and should contact Meyer, who will direct them to the appropriate chairs.

All campus events are planned by the CAB.

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