A Schizophrenic season for fashion

By Cari Holland

Do you really have nothing to wear, or can you just not decide on anything? Fear not, fashion-minded Flagler student! This season in fashion allows for outfits that are oppositely attractive, leaving plenty of room to decipher by preference. This fall we are free to wear a plethora of styles that seem to oppose each other on the hanger, yet compose this season’s opposites attract trend.

From head to toe, the keys to fall’s fashion door lay in the hand of the undecided mind that pairs skin tight with draping loose. When the cool breezes arrive (finally … if they ever do), mix up that mini skirt you’ve been living in all summer with a pair of leggings. Want room to breath and still look great? Top that outfit off with a draped smock hanging off-the shoulder complete with oversized sleeves that leave us plenty of moving room.

Oh, and that age old question plaguing every woman, every season, when freshly dressed: “But what shoes?” Again, have no fear! This season’s fashion schizophrenia is at its most multiple mindedness at the bottom of our closets, allowing those toes the options they deserve.

Are you still in love with those cork bottom wedges from last season? Wear them. Forgot to paint your toenails or your feet hurt from those three inch heels you danced in last night? Slip on the time capsule classic flats, made up to date with feisty prints and rubber soles. These dress up or dress downs are the perfect option this season. If you’re failing the vertical challenge and need that three-inch pump, this is the season to bask in being short and give yourself a raise. Whether it be on the bootie Madonna made famous in the 80s (and the runway is reincarnating) or pointy toed versatile stilettos (even on a rounded toe typical dress shoe) this season makes way for the thin pointed heel and pushes aside the chunky blocked bottom of last fall.

The palette to paint yourself stylish in this season is a collision of intense brights and moody bolds. Grey, black, brown, and any hue of the three are “in” this season and have me asking, “When will they ever be out?” But these stormy staples can be updated with the combination of eye-catching colors including rusty orange, emerald green, royal blue, funky fuchsia and fire-engine red. Although loud by themselves these colors are turned down with the pairing of the mutable neutrals.
This season is also about embellishment, pattern and accessorizing, and the evidence is everywhere. When those plain colors need a sidekick this fall it is easy to fill the position. Wear the jeans with the metallic screen print down the leg or the ones with the contrast stitching. Bring the sweater with the oversized buttons and big cable knitted pattern. Flaunt the charm bracelet your grandma gave you or the long beaded necklace you made last night. Breakout the old Beaddazzler and go nuts. Sew some lace trim to that jean skirt. Wear that patterned scarf around your neck, waist, or head.
This fall we’ve finally been given options, so next morning your closet pops that multiple choice quiz on you, choose “all of the above.”

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