Women’s soccer sole senior helps hold together her team

By Megan Kramer

A Gatorade X-Factor and a Power Bar is what the sole senior on the Flagler College women’s soccer team needs before starting each game. Elizabeth Poore, or EP as she is known to many, is now in her fourth and final year with the Lady Saints soccer program.

The Kentucky native is captain along with her roommate and longtime friend Jessica Echterling. As captain, Poore organized spring practices and informed her teammates of changes made by coach Teddy Meyer.

The Lady Saints lost nine seniors at the end of the last season, but Meyer said Poore was just as much of a leader as the seniors from last season. “I rely upon Poore to let me know how the girls on the team are feeling about the season thus far,” said Meyer.

Over the summer Meyer said he relied upon Poore to help the new freshman. “I helped them not only with soccer questions, but I tried to help make the transition from High School to College easier,” Poore said.

The team has 10 freshman and nine sophomores making it very young. Although she feels the pressure being the leader of such a young team, Poore says it helps to keep her focused on her game and her responsibilities.

According to Meyer, her personality makes it easy for her to work well with all of her teammates. Both on and off the field her personality helps other people feel comfortable around her, Meyer says. “There are times when (she) laughs and times when she is serious but she is always (EP),” Meyer said.

Poore said her goal for the season is to leave everything on the field and make the most of her last season. Although there is no post-season for the Lady Saints, Poore says she still has goals for the team.

“I hope the team will make an impact on the NCAA in the first season,” said Poore.

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