Old City Trends

Cheap thrills for under $20

By Kristin Chambers

People flock to St. Augustine from all parts of the world to see historical sites, visit the beaches and basically relax. It’s great … for a while. But then you can’t help but think to yourself, “Man, is this really all there is to do?”

We all love the beach, and even though people don’t always admit it, history can be interesting. For the local college student, however, finding adventure outside the dorm takes some serious brainstorming, especially if your wallet is empty.

This is why a team of crack experts came together to devise a list for all the bored — and poor — students who would rather save their pennies and take a break from that new textbook smell.

So next time you are thinking you would rather eat your foot than turn on the TV, check out one of these exciting St. Augustine pastimes:

Potbelly’s Cinema: A block south of campus on Granada Street. For $5 you get to see a flick and don’t even have to get in your car. You can even purchase food and beverages during the show. Wow!

Local parks: Check out Treaty Park off State Road 207 on Wildwood Drive for a full skate park, basketball courts, racquetball courts, trails and baseball fields, or the historical forts such as Matanzas and Castillo de San Marcos.

First Friday Art Walk: Over 20 local galleries to visit and check out the first Friday of every month. Big plus — free food and refreshments.

St. Johns County Library on Ponce de Leon Boulevard North: I know what you are thinking … we already have a library, right? Well in addition to books, you can also check out some pretty cool indie movies and even CDs.

The Flea Market at State Road 207 and I-95: Lots of cool junk and some really yummy boiled peanuts.

The pier: Grab some buddies and a volleyball and get a little sandy at the courts on St. Augustine Beach.

The drum circle on Thursday nights in front of the St. Johns County Library: Bring your own drum or tambourine and join the circle. Or if you’re feeling frisky dance around like a gypsy.

The San Sebastian Winery on King Street: There are tours showing you how they make wine, and tastings are free for all over 21.

Pot Luck: Instead of going out and spending mega bucks on that steak, organize a potluck and have everyone bring something different. This way everyone can chow down and save money at the same time. Cha-ching!

The St. Augustine Lighthouse: If you are not afraid of heights, the view from the top is most excellent.

Local coffee shops: The Rockin’ Bean, Café Cordova (50 percent off for Flagler students with ID), Crucial Coffee Café and City Perks are all good options.

Family Fun Factory: Ten bucks on a Saturday night gets you unlimited game coins, go-carts and batting cages. Can’t beat that.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Always fun to see interesting critters and wacky characters in this structure built in 1887. With a local or Flagler College student ID it’s only $5.

Marathon Mondays at Club Fusion: Dance your booty off with good 80s, indie, new wave, old wave, side wave and good get-down music for all 18 and up.

Thrift shops: Get creative and start something new with something old. Great ones are the Betty Griffith House or the Goodwill, and you’ll be supporting a good cause.

Annual Festivals: A little money goes a long way when you get to try all sorts of tasty treats from local restaurants. The events field on West Castillo Drive is home to many of them.

Nights of Lights: People watch. Not a better place to do it than the middle of St. George Street on a bench. Plus it runs from mid November through the end of January.

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