CD Review: Beyoncé “B-Day”

by Lisa Dalrymple

Go Beyoncé, it’s your birthday. Indeed, Beyoncé celebrated her 25th birthday in style with the release of her sophomore album, B-Day Sept. 5.

The album opens with the hit “Deja Vous,” which mixes big band sound with familiar R&B flavor. The melody in “Get Me Bodied” keeps the beat from getting too repetitive. The classic hip-hop sound parallels House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” “Suga Mama” has a funky 60s feel to it. It’s the perfect song for getting ready to go out with friends.

Although “Upgrade You” carries a deeper message than the first three songs, the music is boring and should end at three minutes instead four and a half.

Hey ladies, angry with your man? “Ring the Alarm” is perfect anger music. A powerful song, it reflects a rare moment of vulnerability in the usually unshakable Beyoncé. “Kitty Kat” is just about as sickly sweet as the title implies. The catchy dance song “Freakum Dress” marches to the beat of a different drum, and is definitely hit material. “Greenlight” brings back the 70s and fuses it with salsa and classic R&B.

Despite beginning with a bang, the final two songs disappoint. Even with good writing, the pop sound of “Irreplaceable” comes off childish, and the gospel sound of “Resentment” gets old quickly. Beyoncé speaks directly to fans at the end of the album, and introduces “Listen,” a song from her upcoming film “Dreamgirls.” The party ends with a fun, but perhaps lengthy, remix of “Get Me Bodied.”

Overall, the fusion of musical genres works for and against Beyoncé. She reminds fans of the power of strong vocals however, and seems to be paving the way for the reinvention of R&B as we know it.

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