What do you mean summer is almost over?

It dawned on me today that the summer is almost gone. Although it’s hard to believe from the scorching temperatures outside. But in a matter of weeks Flagler’s campus will once again be crawling with 2,000+ students like a gigantic ant farm, but with cars.

But what is really amazing is what has been accomplished this summer. For one thing, I took up running. And let me tell you that is astounding in and of itself. In the process, I even managed to drop a few pounds. But more importantly, and perhaps more relevant to a blog for the Gargoyle online, we embarked on a complete redesign of the print edition of the Gargoyle — something that has never truly been done in the paper’s more than 35-year history.

This fall, the Gargoyle will be a broadsheet publication. (For those of you outside the jargon-filled world of printing, broadsheet is what they call the standard newspaper size.) To be more specific, we will be the exact dimensions of the St. Augustine Record. It’s pretty exciting. The Gargoyle has been roughly the same size since it first appeared in 1970. And this year, we take one step closer to the “real world” of journalism. When you combine that with the way we (and by “we” I really mean Glenn Judah) have been able to keep up the Web site this summer, I would say it’s down right impressive.

It goes without saying that I’m truly excited for this change. And I hope everyone loves the “new” Gargoyle. Stay tuned, it’s a new era folks.

But if you hate it, it was Brian Thompson’s idea. 😉

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