No more waiting for refunds

By Glenn Judah

Starting Fall semester 2006, students will no longer have to wait in line at the Business Office to pick-up their financial aid refund checks.

Flagler College has partnered with Higher One, a financial services company, to roll out a new Flagler debit card that will be used for all refunds in the future.

“Under our current process, students wait in line to pick up their paper checks,” said Kenneth S. Russom, Vice President of Business Services at Flagler College. “Once the new process is implemented, it will improve services, giving students a faster and more convenient way to access their refunds.”

All Flagler students will receive the Flagler OneCard sometime during August of 2006, via U.S. Postal Service. To expedite the refund process and eliminate waiting in line to pick up their checks in person, students must activate the card by going online to select how they wish to receive their refunds.

The student will have three options to choose from. One choice will be to have refunds deposited into a free HigherOne checking account that will be linked to the debit MasterCard. The other options will be ACH Transfer into a student’s existing checking account, or a paper check sent by mail.

Students are not required to set up the checking account, but do have to activate the card and supply a refund preference.

Flagler College OneCards will be mailed to each student’s Billing Address, and Business Services is asking that all students make sure their Billing Address is correct by checking with the Office of Business Services by mid-July.

For more information on the OneCard, check out

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