What are they talking about?

By Jessica Echterling

Have you ever been sitting at a baseball game when the catcher walks up to the mound or the coach comes out to have a “chat” with the pitcher? Well I have noticed that there has been a lot of question from fans about just what type of conversation is taking place during these breaks from play.

Are they telling jokes? Are they fighting? Are they talking about the hot girls in the stands? Well, I decided to get to the bottom of this issue.

According to Saints pitcher Brad Jackson, “a catcher comes out to talk about signs or break momentum, never to tell jokes. There is nothing funny about a ball flying 100 mph at your face.”

The pitchers also mentioned that when pitching is bad or sign is missed a mound-top chat is usually in order. But what about when the coach comes out of the dugout?

“When the head coach comes out of the dugout, you can pretty much guarantee you’re being pulled from the game,” pitcher Jim Roche said. If the pitching coach comes out, the visit may just be a strategy session.

According to head coach Dave Barnett “a trip to the pitchers mound could mean one of three scenarios — advice about a certain batter and how to throw, a pep talk for a suffering pitcher to bear down and throw strikes, or encouragement to relax, focus, and not give up any more runs.”

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