Vanden Houten to research the Holocaust

By Adam Brod

Flagler College professor Art Vanden Houten has been invited to take part in a seminar at the The National Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., an intensive course designed to strengthen educators’ background in Holocaust history.

Called the Silberman Seminar, the summer program brings together only 20 college professors from around the country for presentations on the history of the Holocaust and discussions on teaching it.
Vanden Houten, who has never attended a seminar like this before, said he is excited for the chance to share with and learn from some of the top scholars in the field.

“What I really hope to do is get up to speed on the latest research,” he said.

In a genocide class in the past, Vanden Houten said he has tried “to make students aware of the events and causes of genocide and the holocaust and get them to reflect on the significant events of the 21st century.”

He hopes by attending the seminar he may add something to his courses that they are missing.

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