Slick Ballinger

Mississippi Soul

By Travis Burdick

Direct from the roots of Mississippi emanated the desperate howl of a blues ridden soul… and he’s only 20 years old.

That’s right, Slick Ballinger may sound like a veteran of the blues but in reality he is far from being so. His debut album, Mississippi Soul, is a great addition to any blues enthusiast’s collection. The rawer, less produced sound Ballinger’s style carries is a refreshing wake up call to the fact that the blues of Mississippi have yet to see its last days.

The story behind this Oh Boy Records recording artist is already an interesting one. Once Slick graduated from high school, which was only two years ago, he packed his bags that very day and moved from his home in North Carolina to live in Mississippi intending to learn the history of the blues. Slick soon befriended fife legend Othar Turner and lived with the musician during his first summer in Mississippi. Slick and Othar lived together in a home without running water or electricity. During the day the odd friends would work in the fields and at night they would play in the remaining Juke Joints of Mississippi.

Slick apparently not only wanted to learn about the history of the blues but he intended to live them. This must, of course, be the inspiration for titling the album Mississippi Soul. Find out more about Slick at

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