Player Profile: Andri Jonsson

By Andrew Bernius

Among the melting pot of players that comprise the Flagler College Tennis team there exists a young man they call Andri-Ice.

A native of Iceland, Andri Jonsson currently anchors the No. 2 position in singles and the No. 1 position in doubles on the men’s team. Jonsson, a sport management major, bolsters a 4-3 record in singles and a 4-3 in doubles.

Jonsson started swinging the racket at age six and has yet to put it down. He says he still enjoys competing in Iceland and also enjoys his training in South Germany, which he has done since he was 14 years old.

Jonsson originally heard about Flagler his junior year of high school through his coach in Iceland and also through his summer coach in Germany, both of whom played college tennis in America. Through them, Jonsson learned about Flagler’s program and then further researched it online.

“I am very happy that I chose Flagler,” Jonsson said. “The team here is great, we don’t play individually, we win and lose as a team.” Jonsson also emphasized how the men’s and women’s teams at Flagler are like a family and are always there for each other on and off the court.

Upon graduation this December, Jonsson hopes to play professionally throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. His passion for the game very clear and that he would love to continue playing as long as possible.

Jonsson plans to pursue a career in event marketing where he can still be involved with the game he loves.

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